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Our Story

In 2020, Sean Tan started Insect Feed Technologies. (IFT) to contribute to a more sustainable food production system. He discovered how insects played an important role in the natural food production system. Together with the team he recruited, they chose to develop and pioneer technology to rear and breed the Hermetia Illucens Fly, commonly known as the Black Soldier Fly, for animal and plant nutrition. In doing so, they are creating new alternatives to fishmeal, vegetable oils, and chemical fertilisers used in fish, animal feed and farming respectively.


2 years later, IFT has achieved these milestones:

● More than 25 passionate employees

The largest insect production capacity in Singapore, with 1 production site to be built, supported by Government agencies in Singapore. 

More than 1.5M of financing from research grants, investors and stakeholders

A pioneering approach from farm to fork with the launch of 1 insect-powered value chain: Pacific White Shrimp in Aug 2021



To accelerate the production of high-quality insect products for the people, planet and plants.

To feed the world sustainably through insects 

July 2020

Birth of Insect Feed Technologies

Insect Feed Technologies kickstarted operations in a pilot research center at CleanTech Park in Jurong, Singapore to carry out its first R&D tests and optimise the production cycle of insects.

September 2021

Opening of Insect Feed Technologies Industrial Facility 

Tuas Pilot Facility is a showcase of our industrial operations for Insect Feed Technologies meeting the highest production & quality standards under the regulation of the Republic of Singapore, licensed by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and National Environment Agency (NEA). This production site allows Insect Feed Technologies to further develop its proprietary technologies in microbiology and advanced manufacturing, and also optimise the quality of its products. This has enabled IFT to offer premium products with proven performance for its customers.

February 2022

Insect Feed Technologies won the Youth Action Challenge Outstanding Award

Awarded Youth Action Challenge Outstanding Award

The Youth Action Challenge is a platform for youth to provide solutions that tackle the issues society is concerned about. Organised by IFT's interns and guided by Sean Tan, the company was awarded the Oustanding Award - the highest, and an equity-free grant totalling S$60K.

April 2022

Insect Feed Technologies and Ministry of Sustainability & Environment join forces to develop Singapore's first modular insect production facility

Insect Feed Technologies awarded an equity-free grant of S$160K by the Ministry of Sustainability & Environment's (MSE) Eco-Fund to develop a modular solution to produce insects as part of a decentralised system.

August 2022

Insect Feed Technologies awarded S$250K VentureForGood grant

Insect Feed Technologies awarded an equity-free VentureForGood grant by raiSE (Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise) to scale-up its development and commercialisation.

April 2021

Insect Feed Technologies Extension of R&D Facility

To carry out further R&D under tighly regulated environmental conditions, IFT expanded its production trials to an enclosed facility at Pioneer, Singapore. The company also sought to discover new markets and define its strategy for commercial expansion

December 2021

Insect Feed Technologies won the President's Social Enterprise Start-up Award

Awarded President's Social Enterprise Start-up Award

For its contribution to the environment and society, as well as its pioneering technology, IFT was conferred the President's Social Enterprise Start-up Award. The company was also awarded a cash prize of S$40K.

March 2022

Insect Feed Technologies secures S$1.25M to deploy its technology on a commercial scale

Insect Feed Technologies completes a fundraising round to secure S$1.25M from Mistletoe, EcoImpact Capital and Juniper Capital, for its deployment of an industrial automated facility with a processing capacity of 10 tons of raw materials per day. The fundraise will also help to accelerate the commercialisation of its products.

June 2022

Insect Feed Technologies secures strategic investment of S$250K

DesignFutures Venture (DFV) commits investment of S$250K to Insect Feed Technologies. Funded by TSG Group based in Sarawak, DFV is committed to supporting IFT's technology development and expansion regionally

October 2022

Completion & launch of Singapore's first insect-fed shrimp

As part of a research collaboration with Republic Polytechnic, Insect Feed Technologies successfully formulates Singapore's insect-based shrimp feed and produces Singapore's first insect-fed shrimp. Up to 40% of fishmeal present in the shrimp feed is replaced by IFT's insect protein for a tasty, and sustainable farmed shrimp.

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