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Get to know the Operation Feeding Team

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Ever wondered how you get your Organic Frass for your plants and freshly baked Dried Larvae for your pets? We are following up with part two of our operations feeding team in our 'Meet The Team' series!

In today's episode, we have Chee Yuan (Moo), Aaron, Yong Shan, and Shao Ming on the feeding team. At Insect Feed Technologies, our feeding team manages and oversees the systems for processing food waste using insects and the creation of commodity products (our frass and insect protein) to ensure quality assurance.

Hello, I’m Chee Yuan! You can call me Moo.

Q: Tell us about your role in Insect Feed Technologies and what you do

Chee Yuan: I am an entomologist in Insect Feed Technologies. My job is to formulate the best recipe to feed our BSF larvae.

Q: What is the most interesting or impactful project that you have worked on so far and why?

Chee Yuan: I managed to increase our larvae size by 33% (comparable to our competitors)! Through this, the team also found out that the largest larvae may not be the most optimal fo