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Get to know the Marketing Team

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Get to know the creatives and faces behind our amazing brand. You can check out the first half of our team from the Commercial department and Operation Breeding department if you have not.

Our marketing team plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission of Insect Feed Technologies. The team’s day-to-day includes engaging our prospective customers, investors, and our community across offline channels and our social media platforms. If you have not followed us yet, do so!

Let us first introduce you to Corliss, our content lead.

Hey there, I’m Corliss!

Q: What is the most interesting or impactful project that you have worked on and why?

Corliss: Over here at Insect Feed Technologies, everyone is constantly working on multiple projects at the same time. The one particularly interesting project that is upcoming would be a campaign where we feature 7 prominent individuals in the agriculture space in Singapore. This is going to be exciting as many pillars of content can be done in just this campaign and to be able to interact with these 7 personalities, and get more insights into the space would be something new for me to learn.

Other than the marketing team, I'm also on the commercial team. A cross-departmental role is exciting for me because I get to work on a lot of exciting upcoming projects and see all of them coming together. With the commercial team being a new department, it's also fun to see lots of new faces!