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A Trip to Québec City, Montreal for the Insect to Feed the World Conference 2022

The month of June was an exciting and bustling time for the team at Insect Feed Technologies. One of the key highlights is attending the fourth edition of the Insect to Feed the World Conference 2022 which took place in Québec City between June 12th to 16th, 2022.

Québec City, Montreal

Insect to Feed the World Conference 2022

The conference is known for being the hub for discussing innovative ideas and novel foods in the nascent insect industry. This attracts renowned academics, governmental organizations, as well as leading industrial partners, pioneering the field of edible insects.

As the world’s leading conference on all aspects of insects as food and feed, the Insects to Feed the World Conference provides a venue for an extensive discussion about the salient topics in the sector, as well as an opportunity for businesses in the sector to network and promote their products.

Insect Feed Technologies' Attendance

It was our team's first time attending the conference and it was truly a privilege being invited as part of the Singapore delegation led by Enterprise Singapore. The team was represented by our Founder, Sean Tan, and our Head of Commercial, Marcus Wong.

Marcus Wong and Sean Tan at the Insect Feed Technologies booth

The team also managed to represent the SG Pavillion to showcase and represent what our local insect companies can do, and what we can offer to the rest of the world when it comes to using insects to solve global sustainability challenges including food security and a sustainable food production system.