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A Farm Tour with Insect Feed Technologies

It has been so long since we hosted a large group at our production facility. We were thankful that social distancing measures were lifted shortly after the ease of restrictions in Singapore, allowing us to welcome the public into our facility again. Reflecting on our last tour, a lot has changed within our facility over the short one and a half years.

At the beginning of the week, we welcomed a group of 40 students from Cedar Girls Secondary School for a tour to get to know more about our mighty Black Soldier Flies and an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience of what our company does.

It was truly a breath of fresh air for everyone in the company, feeling the students’ enthusiasm as they fearlessly interact with our mighty Black Soldier Flies and quenched their curiosity through their insightful questions on food security and our world's sustainability challenges.

Rooster eating black soldier fly dried larvae
Our feathery buddies

The Importance of Environmental Tours & Workshops

Being students before, a key highlight of our student life is Learning Journeys and excursions. They are not only fun and unforgettable, but we believe they can also contribute to a student’s personal growth and social awareness – qualities that are a little tougher cultivating strictly within the classroom.

Educational Tours to the public have always been a staple for us ever since the inception of Insect Feed Technologies. Our aspiration for our tours and workshops, especially for students, is to promote critical and creative thinking skills to inspire them to become more engaged with their communities.

On The Tour

As the students arrived, they were greeted by our feather friends at the entrance of our facility. These chickens have been with us since the beginning from our humble tentage on a grass patch outside Launchpad at Jurong Innovation District.

Silkie Chicken at Insect Feed Technologies facility
Silkie Chicken buddy back at our old facility

Insect Feed Technologies Launchpad
Our Former facility outside Launchpad at Jurong Innovation District