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6 Essential Gardening Tools and Supplies to Kick-start Your Home Gardening Journey

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

It’s without a doubt that ever since Circuit Breaker most of us have cultivated and shown interest in gardening whilst setting up our very own gardening corner in the house. Not only does having greenery around the house beautify the space, but growing plants also help to reduce stress and anxiety, especially if you’re feeling a tad cooped up indoors these days.

Home garden in Singapore home
High-rise Home Gardening In Singapore | Source: Rostam

Starting your own home garden can seem to be daunting for those with a budding green thumb. You don't need much to get started and in this article we’ll show you how you can start by using simple gardening tools and supplies that can be found almost anywhere. A quick search from online or local nurseries for plant ideas can help to kickstart your home gardening journey.

1. Repurposed Plastic Crates

Repurposed plastic crates for growing plants
Insect Feed Technologies Insect Composting Plastic Crates (left) and Crates Liner from Gardener's Supply Company (right)

Instead of growing your vegetables, herbs, and flowers in expensive flower pots, you can grow them in stackable, repurposed plastic crates. The humble plastic crate allows you to grow your produce in a small yet neat space. It also allows you to unleash your creativity when designing possible variations when arranging your produce when it flourishes.

You can either stack your planted crates on their edges, checkerboard-style or make a living wall of containers. Another popular option is that instead of planting your crops in the open space of each crate, you can make hanging planters out of these crates by attaching s-hooks to the top edge of the crates. With this method, you can double up these crates for storage, and can also use them to organize your plant babies — your imagination is the only limit.

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2. Plastic Container Pots