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5 Interesting Ways that Humans are Using Insects

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

You may be shocked at how much you use insect products in your everyday lives.

Insects give immense human advantages, not just as scientifically interesting specimens, but also in terms of the services and goods they supply. Human interactions with insects encompass a wide range of applications, including food, textiles, and dyestuffs, as well as major attempts to eradicate pests. Let us take an in-depth look at some of the interesting ways that humans are using insects.

1. To Make Useful Products

Honey is made and stored by bees in their hive's comb. When flowers are not blooming, it is utilised for food. Beekeepers collect surplus honey from hives, separate it from the comb, and sell it in bottles. Honey is used in our everyday products as a natural sweetener, to treat coughs and even wound healing.

Another product that is made from insects is silk. Silk comes from the silkworm and is a natural protein fiber. It is a lustrous, smooth, and soft material that has been employed in the creation of exquisite garments. Another product is shellac. Lac scales feed on tree sap and emit a sticky material that is scraped from trees and processed into powder once dry. Shellac is made by dissolving the powder in ethyl alcohol when it is ready to use. Shellac has a wide range of applications, although it is best known for its usage as a wood finish.

2. For Medicine