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5 Common Issues with Houseplants

In the appropriate conditions, keeping your houseplant happy and healthy may be a snap, but that doesn't mean you won't run into a few plant troubles along the road. There's a lot to think about when bringing in common houseplants, from plant issues by leaf to pests to illnesses to environmental concerns.

In today’s article, we shortlisted some of the most frequent issues and solutions so you can give your plant the best possible care and not to worry about anything else.

1. Yellow Leaves

It's perfectly normal for older plant leaves to become yellow and fall off as they age naturally. Your plant is likely receiving too much light if numerous leaves, including new growth, are turning yellow. If it gets better, try moving it to a location with indirect light. Your plant can get sunburned just like people can. Pale or white leaves are typically a sign of excessive light. Fertilizer burn can also result in leaf scorching. As the salt from softened tap water can build up in the soil, try applying less fertilizer or switching to distilled water.

2. Wilting and Burnt Leaves

This is a rather obvious indication that your plant is being overheated and may even be getting damaged by the strong light. Tropical plants, in particular, are vulnerable to sunburn and should be kept out of windows since the glass intensifies the sunshine. For many indoor plants, the afternoon light is very powerful and harmful. Diagnoses for wilt can be challenging, and sometimes it's too late to rescue your plant. By reducing the temperature, repotting in better soil, spraying to increase humidity, evaluating the soil for moisture or dryness, and altering watering practices appropriately, you can attempt to save your plant.

3. Root Rot