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3 Things We're Excited About in Our Strategic Partnership with DesignFutures Venture

It was last week during the Shape the World Summit 2022 on 21st June that Insect Feed Technologies (IFT), together with DesignFutures Venture (DFV) made public the announcement of our strategic partnership aimed toward sustainable food production and food security in Singapore and Sarawak.

The launch of IFT and DesignFutures venture's strategic partnership at Shape the World Summit 2022

DFV is an investment holding company that focuses on start-ups in Food, Environment, Data, and Space to accelerate Sarawak’s development as a renewable hub for Southeast Asia.

Why is this exciting?

1. Reduction of Palm Oil Waste to Landfill

Photo by Nazarizal Mohammad on Unsplash

As part of this partnership, TSG Group (affiliated with DFV) will be the exclusive partner for IFT in Sarawak. This will make IFT the leading palm oil waste management partner.