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IFT started with a vision to solve food waste and food security. Now, it is ready to take on this challenge globally starting with the largest insect production facility in Singapore.  

How it works

We take food waste and transform it into sustainable, all-natural protein and oil for pet food, aquafeed, and nutrient-rich organic fertilisers for agriculture.

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Contribute to our UN SDGs, every single time

Our business model is based on nature’s own decomposition ecology to create a virtuous cycle, reusing today’s waste to make tomorrow's raw materials.


As we look to close the loop, building a circular economy, we recognise that we are one part of a wave of change helping to create a more sustainable and inclusive tomorrow.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) help chart a course towards that future. Here at Insect Feed Technologies, we demonstrate our commitment by aligning with and measuring ourselves against, the relevant UN SDGs. 


Our Mission

To mass-produce high-quality insect products and pioneer new biotechnologies that would enable a more productive, sustainable, and commercially viable agricultural sector.

Our Vision

To feed the world’s population sustainably through a circular economy.


A big thank you to all our partners who contributed along our journey to help us get here.
We will grow stronger and go further together.  

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