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Black Soldier Fly Dried Larvae

The perfect snack for your pets.

Our dried larvae come packed with protein and calcium that supplements your pet's diet. Each bag is 100% organic and grown sustainably in Singapore. 

Dried larvae is an ideal pet feed for dogs, cats, reptiles, certain bird species, and other small mammals.


Black Soldier Fly Insect Meal (Milled Larvae)

Our Black Soldier Fly Dried Milled Larvae that comes in powder form is a delectable and sustainable alternative to conventional pet feeds. Our Black Soldier Fly Milled Larvae acts as a protein on top of your furry scaly friend daily meals which encourage natural feeding behaviour.


Black Soldier Fly Organic Fertiliser (Frass)

Our Black Soldier Fly Organic Fertiliser also known as frass is the remaining product from our growing Black Soldier Fly (BSF) where their poop serves as a soil amendment.


The soil amendments help transform poor soil into perfect growing conditions for plants by improving the soil texture and nutrient content. Known to gradually release these nutrients, our fertiliser reduces the chances of over-fertilising.

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