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BetterFly X1
Frass Fertiliser

A powerful fertiliser formulated with black soldier fly frass rich in chitin to enhance soil fertility and healthy plant growth

Unveiling the power of Frass: A gift from the Black Soldier Fly Life Cycle

Introducing a natural wonder that's both humble and significant—the black soldier fly and its remarkable byproduct, frass. These inconspicuous insects play a vital role in recycling organic waste while creating a nutrient-rich resource for the environment.

Black soldier fly larvae are nature's waste warriors. They devour kitchen scraps, leftover greens, and more, effectively recycling organic matter. But their impact goes beyond waste reduction. As these larvae consume, they store essential nutrients within themselves, ready to be transformed into frass.


Frass, often underestimated, is a potent blend of nutrients meticulously crafted by black soldier fly larvae. This nutrient-packed waste product, when reintroduced to the soil, becomes a valuable resource for plant growth. With its rich composition of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other essential elements, frass promotes soil fertility and nourishes plant life.

As these insects complete their life cycle and contribute to pollination and ecological balance, their legacy lives on through the gift of frass. Simple yet profound, frass showcases the delicate interplay between insects and the environment.

The power of soil regeneration for sustainable agriculture

Our Better Fly X1 frass fertilizer is a nutrient-dense blend containing nitrogen, potassium, chitin and other minerals suitable for all soil types to stimulate optimal soil conditions.


Core nutrients, like chitin, are present in black soldier fly larvae farmed by us to aid in building a healthy soil foundation for plants to thrive. Derived from chitin, chitosan is a natural, biodegradable, and bioactive material that can be used as a plant growth promoter.


Thanks to its organic and biocompatible nature, our fertilizer is readily utilized by plants as a source of nutrients steadily released over a long period of time.

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Our frass is rich in

image (2).png


Enriches soil with micro &

macronutrients to support plant

metabolic processes

image (3).png


Creates optimal soil conditions

for microorganism growth at

appropriate pH levels

image (4).png


Enhances soil biodiversity

required to break down organic

matter for plant nutrition

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Designed to enhance plant health and productivity, our fertilizer increases nutrient uptake and elevates the plant's resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses to achieve improved crop yields, quality and resilience.



By promoting the growth of microorganisms in the rhizosphere with chitin-degrading enzymes to break down organic matter in soil, chitin enhances water and nutrient uptake by plants with more nutrients available.


Microbes and chitosan help to suppress plant diseases by competing with pathogenic bacteria and fungi for resources, or by producing compounds that inhibit their growth


No chemicals are added during the production of our frass fertilizer, making it an eco-friendly material for natural water clarification and purification, biofiltration and pollutant elimination.

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