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  • What are Black Soldier Flies (BSF)?
    They are flies native to Singapore that does not bite, sting, or bother people. We believe they are pivotal to tackle food sustainability issues globally.
  • Why do we farm Black Soldier Flies (BSF)?
    The larvae of these flies play a huge role in decomposing organic matter, which makes them a viable method of processing various types of organic waste produced by humans.
  • What do we feed our Black Soldier Flies (BSF)?
    We only feed our BSF larvae clean food waste which includes unsold food from our partner retail stores and supermarkets, and kitchen trimmings from restaurants and cafeterias. Common items are fruit and vegetable peels, okara (soy/ protein), and spent beer grains.
  • Are Black Soldier Flies (BSF) edible to humans?
    They are currently eaten by many people around the world. However, in Singapore, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) does not authorise the import or sale of insect feed for human consumption for now. This is expected to change in the future as the SFA has begun consulting experts on assessing the viability of insect feed as an alternate protein source.
  • Do you conduct farm tours/visits?
    We hold farm tours and educational workshops for schools and corporate events. If this is something you are looking for, you can bug us at
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