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Our Expertise

At Insect Feed Technologies, we combine cutting-edge technology, rigorous research, and a deep understanding of insect biology to produce premium insect protein products. Our mission is to revolutionise the way we manage food and agri waste and provide alternative protein sources, creating a sustainable, circular economy.

Advancing the frontiers of insect protein production

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

At Insect Feed Technologies, we've made substantial investments in cutting-edge technologies to redefine the landscape of insect farming.


We've combined the power of automation, robotics, and proprietary manufacturing techniques to create a production process that is unmatched in terms of efficiency and productivity.


We believe in being adaptable, which is why our advanced technologies are not just self-contained but also extend to our partnerships. We provide flexible deployment models tailored to each partner's operational environment.


Optimization and Efficiency

Our proprietary manufacturing technologies allow us to rear insects under optimized conditions, driving unparalleled efficiency. By carefully controlling factors like temperature, humidity, and diet, we ensure a rapid and high-quality protein production process.

Automation and Robotics

Our commitment to harnessing the power of technology is evident in our integration of advanced automation and robotics into our manufacturing processes. These technologies increase our production capacity, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality insect protein at scale.

Flexible Deployment Models

We understand that every operating environment is unique, which is why we provide flexible deployment models. Whether a partner requires high-level automation or a more hands-on approach, we can adapt our technologies to suit their needs.


This adaptability allows us to form fruitful partnerships with a variety of operators, driving mutual growth and the advancement of sustainable protein production.

Proprietary Waste Formulation and R&D Capabilities 

At Insect Feed Technologies, we believe in transforming challenges into innovation opportunities. Through our proprietary waste formulation process, we've unlocked the potential of organic waste, turning it into a nutrient-rich feed for our insects. Our strong commitment to research and development complements this process, continually advancing our techniques to enhance efficiency and improve product quality.

R&D Capabilities

Our dedication to research and development underpins our innovative approach. We are always exploring new methodologies, constantly refining our process to boost efficiency, and seeking ways to further improve our product quality.


Our dynamic and forward-thinking approach keeps us at the forefront of the insect protein industry, promoting sustainable protein production.

Proprietary Waste Formulation Capabilities

We've honed the science of formulating waste to feed insects. Our proprietary process involves meticulous selection and treatment of organic waste to create the optimal feed for our insects.


All of the substrates we used are of non-animal origin and follow the standards set forth by the European Union. This includes soybean waste, spent brewery grains, as well as agricultural waste such as palm oil waste. 


This key differentiation allows us to maximise growth and nutrient content in the insects while minimising waste.

Innovation in Action

Through our proprietary waste formulation process and relentless pursuit of research and development, we've been able to create a truly unique and sustainable solution.


This combination of innovation and commitment has enabled us to redefine the industry standard for insect protein production.

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Effective Utilisation of Microbes & Enzymes

At IFT, we exploit the immense potential of natural bio-catalysts - microbes and enzymes - to valorize low-value agricultural waste. Our proprietary bio-conversion technology creates an efficient and eco-friendly route to high-quality insect protein and microbial rich frass.

  1. Microbial Valorization:

    By harnessing the power of selected microbes, we initiate a biological cascade that transforms low-value agricultural waste into a nutrient-rich feedstock for our insects. This microbial valorization is the foundation of our sustainable production system.


  2. Enzymatic Augmentation:

    We further enhance the feedstock with specifically tailored enzymes. This enzymatic augmentation allows us to unlock and maximize the nutritional potential hidden within the waste materials.


  3. Circular Bio-Economy:

    Through these advanced biotechnologies, we are able to create a circular bio-economy, turning waste streams into valuable resources. This is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility.

Partnerships & Collaboration

Our achievements are fueled by collaborations with industry leaders, academic institutions, and government bodies. These partnerships amplify our R&D capabilities, drive continuous innovation, and help us stay at the forefront of the insect protein industry.

Here are some of our notable partnerships.

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