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Dried Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larvae 

Organic and sustainable black soldier larvae fly feed for poultry and pets

Tomorrow's protein packed superfood

The Black Soldier Fly Larvae stands as a diminutive yet remarkable creature within the realm of organic farming. During its early stages, this minuscule organism voraciously consumes a substantial amount of organic waste. As it reaches a specific size, it is meticulously harvested and subjected to a careful drying process that safeguards its nutritional integrity. The outcome of this process is the “Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae”. Abundant in proteins, healthy fats, and essential nutrients, this superfood assumes a pivotal role in sustaining an alternative protein source, thereby fostering a circular economy and mitigating environmental impact.

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Harvestable Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larvae 

Perfect as snacks and treats for the household pet or farm fowl

 Microwave-Dried BSF Larvae

Introducing our Microwave-Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae – Our innovative microwave-drying process locks in exceptional nutrition while creating an irresistibly airy-crunchy texture that pets adore. 

Elevate your pet's nutrition with our premium Oven-Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Our oven-drying process retains maximum nutritional value while ensuring a crispy ridged texture that pets love. 

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Oven-Dried Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larvae 


Vital for growth and development, BSFL are filled with minerals, like calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. The presence of chitin also accelerates calcium absorption, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, and has anti-inflammatory properties to improve joint and bone health.


BSFL has been shown to have a significant inhibitory effect on some pathogenic bacteria, containing antimicrobial peptides to reduce bacterial infections and increase gut microflora diversity to boost the immune system.


Rich in lauric acid and other fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, these enhance brain and eye development and support the growth, maintenance and reproduction of animals.


With a protein content of around 50-60%, BSFL makes it a healthy and ideal supplement for poultry and pets to sustain muscle mass, growth and repair.


With its high protein content and ease of digestibility, poultry and pets are able to convert the BSFL protein into body mass more efficiently than traditional protein sources.

Applications of dried black soldier fly larvae


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