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Recreating value for nature and animals sustainably 

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Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

Redefining soil and plant nutrition with insect fertilizer

One of our most precious yet underestimated resources is our soil. They are significant to us:

● In terms of food and water - according to the UN, 95% of our food comes from them

● In order to preserve our ecosystems - 1/4 of the world's biodiversity resides in our soils, according to the GIS Sol

● In order to combat climate change 1,500 billion tons of organic carbon are stored in our soils, which is 2 to 3 times as much as in the atmosphere.

A challenge we need to tackle is preserving them while ensuring sufficient productivity to feed a growing population. Frass - an organic fertilizer derived from insects - can be part of the solution by boosting soil agronomic performance as well as microbial activity.

Accelerate the growth of plants,
enhance soil health, and activate natural plant defences.

NEWGrow™ Black Soldier Fly Frass is rich in macro and micronutrients for plant growth and contains all groups of valuable microbes. As a soil amendment, frass creates soil conditions beneficial to microorganisms for plants.

Accelerate plant growth, flowering & fruiting

Improves soil structure and accelerates plant growth with a balance of fast and slow-release nutrients, calcium and 10+ trace elements.

● Boosts plant's natural defence

Activates plant defence against insect attack and protects against pathogenic fungi & nematodes because of chitin.

● Improve soil health through microbes

Improves soil health and biodiversity due to the millions of living microbes in the fertiliser.

● Sustainable and organic fertiliser

No chemical is added during the production of frass and our organic fertiliser offsets CO2 emissions.

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The ability to regenerate soils

Compared to traditional fertilizers, frass contains chitin which increases the availability of nitrogen to soil microbes that contributes to regenerate soils and improve fertility on the long run:

● Enhance soil health & structure

Increase water retention

Suitable for all soil types


​Compared to other organic fertilisers, our frass is richer in:


● Nitrogen encourages the healthy development of foliage and fruits

● Potassium supports plants’ root development

● Chitin boosts plants’ immunity to pathogens and pests

We currently partner with soil-based commercial farms, urban farms and landscapers for our frass, complementing traditional fertilizers by neutralizing the acidity found commonly in tropical soil.

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