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Black Soldier Fly Insect Meal
(Milled Larvae)

Supercharge your pet's diet with high-protein milled larvae to keep them healthy & happy.


Our Black Soldier Fly Dried Milled Larvae come in dried powder form. It is a delectable and sustainable alternative to conventional pet feeds. Our Black Soldier Fly Milled Larvae acts as a protein supplement for your furry or scaly friend's daily meals which encourages natural feeding behaviour.

The Benefits 

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Rich in High-Quality Protein

Essential for greater plumage in ornamental birds and increased growth rate for ornamental fishes.

About Milled Larve

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Rich in Lauric Acid

Boosts the natural immunity of pets resulting in reducing visits to vets.

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Rich in Calcium

An essential component for stronger and healthier bone formation and structure

Black Soldier Fly Insect Meal
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Rich in Nutrients 

Black Soldier Fly Larvae are chock-full of minerals such as calcium, iron, and potassium to help your furry, feathery, or scaly friends grow and stay healthy.

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Natural Feeding Behaviour

Our Black Soldier Fly Insect Meal (Milled Larvae) are versatile for you to formulate your furry or scaly friend's daily meals which act as a protein supplement on top, encourage natural
feeding behaviour. 

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Zakei, Bird Owner

I use this product as a flavour enhancer together with normal grains for my parrots. They not only enjoy it, but it's also nutritious for them since it increases the protein and fat content in their diet.

Sam, Bird Owner

Milled larvae have become a necessity in my birds' diets. I feel more assured that they are getting the nutrients they need. 

Overview of Black Soldier Fly Insect Meal

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Fed on a probiotic and protein-rich diet to ensure that they are nutrient-packed

Chock-full of minerals such as calcium, iron, and potassium

Act as a protein supplement to enhance your pet's diet

Target Species 

Our Black Soldier Fly Insect Meal (Milled Larvae) is suitable for the same types of animals as our Black Soldier Fly Dried Larvae. 

Incorporate the powder as a supplement feed into 10-20% of your pet's daily diet, or feed directly as a high protein meal to boost growth.


Recommended for 

  • Ornamental fish such as Koi, Arowana and Goldfish

  • Birds such as Chickens and Songbirds

  • Reptiles such as Turtles and Lizards

  • Mammals such as Hamsters, Chinchillas, Dogs and Cats

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