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Our Story

Insect Feed Technologies (IFT) was born out of a vision for a sustainable future. Our founder, Sean Tan, was previously from Enterprise Singapore, having served as a civil servant as part of the Management Associate program. As he witnessed COVID-19 disrupting global food supply chains, he identified an opportunity to solve not just one, but two pressing global issues - food waste and sustainable protein production.


Believing in the power of insect farming, Sean envisioned a circular economy where waste could be converted into valuable, sustainable protein. This conviction drove him to leave his secure government job (and get chided by his grandparents) and step into the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship. 


In June 2020, after months of preparation, and with nothing more than an unused open-space carpark at Jurong Cleantech Park, a handful of black soldier fly larvae, and a dream of sustainable protein, Sean founded IFT. Despite starting operations at the height of the pandemic and facing numerous challenges, his unyielding perseverance and innovative spirit began to transform his vision into reality.

Feature with Germaine on CNA Insider: On the Red Dot, Insect Feed Technologies
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Today, IFT has evolved from an experimental carpark setup to a complete R&D Innovation Centre at Tuas, Singapore, and is the proud pioneer in Singapore's insect farming industry with the first to be licensed Production & Manufacture of Pet & Animal Feed status in a commercial food zone by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). Farmed in accordance with EU-approved standards, IFT currently exports its products globally. 


Sean's visionary journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, setting IFT's foundation as a company with resilience and a deeply ingrained mission.


To accelerate the production of high-quality insect products for the people, planet and plants.


Our vision is to redefine insect farming, going beyond conventional methods to create sustainable, premium-quality insect protein. We're committed to pushing boundaries, innovating relentlessly, and driving the industry forward.

Milestones & Achievements

As an innovative force in the industry, our trajectory, despite our young history, is marked by significant strides and recognitions that reaffirm our vision. These milestones don't just signify our growth, but they also echo our commitment to creating a more sustainable and efficient future for protein and agricultural production.

Competition Awards, Accolades, Grants & Investments

First Steps (2020-2021)


Investments & Financial Support 

  • Joined by angel investors for initial funding of pre-seed round (2021)

  • Successfully raised S$1M in seed funding from institutional investors, including Mistletoe, EnGro Corporation Limited, and DesignFutures Venture 

  • Outstanding Award and reciepient of S$60.8K for the Youth Challenge Challenge Season 3 (YAC) by National Youth Council

  • Notable award of close to S$200K for SG Eco-Fund by the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE) of Singapore 

  • Financial support for R&D totalling S$30K from the Singapore Management University (SMU) and Republic Polytechnic 

  • Awarded S$20K from the National University of Singapore (NUS) as part of the Philip Yeo Initiative Associate program





Accolades, Endorsements, and International Recognition



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From left to right: 
1) Founder & CEO, Sean Tan, receiving the President's Challenge Social Enterprise Start-up of the Year Award in 2021
2) Casual photo with Regent & Crown Prince of Pahang, Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah and Zac Toh, founder of City Sprouts
3) IFT's representation at the UN COP27 held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt with founder of Freedom Cups, Vanessa Paranjothy

Our Management Team

Meet the visionaries driving IFT's mission forward. Our dedicated and diverse team, led by founder Sean Tan, is fuelled by a shared passion for sustainable innovation and the transformational potential of insect farming. With a wealth of experience and deep knowledge in the industry, we're on a mission to redefine the future of insect production.


Sean Tan

Founder & CEO

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Zechary Hoe

Co-founder, COO

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Cody Lee


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David Tan

General Manager

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