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Insect Feed Technologies: Revolutionising the Insect Industry 

Driving innovation with advanced manufacturing technologies and premium quality insect-based products, demanded globally.

Why choose Insect Feed Technologies?

As Southeast Asia's pioneering insect company, we pride ourselves in our proprietary technologies, rigorous processes and commitment to product quality. We are more than just an insect farm producer – we set the benchmark for advanced insect farming.

Our Expertise

At Insect Feed Technologies, we are company with a firm foundation in science and innovation. Here, we harness advanced manufacturing technologies and processes that set us apart.

Our production of premium insect protein is propelled by a combination of cutting-edge advanced manufacturing technology and our proprietary enzymes. These enzymes, developed through rigorous research and development, optimize the conversion of feed into insect biomass, ensuring a sustainable, efficient production process.

But innovation isn't our only forte. Quality is at the core of our operations. Our stringent quality processes, adhering to international standards, ensure that our products are of unmatched quality, safe, and reliable. 

Experience the IFT difference. Dive into a world where technology meets nature, creating solutions for a sustainable future.

Our Products - Recreating Value for Nature & Animals, Sustainably

Discover the future of sustainable animal feed with Insect Feed Technologies. Our high-quality insect protein is the result of a synergistic blend of innovative technology, scientific knowledge, and a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Our product range under our INXEC FEED brand targets the premium pet food and aquaculture industry, meeting the rigorous standards of these sectors while providing a sustainable alternative to traditional feed sources. Globally in demand, our insect protein is setting a new standard for quality and sustainability in the market.

But our products go beyond insect protein. Our BetterFly brand of frass bio-fertiliser is an organic choice for all soil types. This superior-grade bio-fertiliser is rich in essential nutrients and microbes. It invigorates your plants and improves soil health, enhancing compost by refining soil structure, boosting fertility, and aiding the decomposition of organic matter.

Every product we offer is a testament to our innovative approach to sustainable production, delivering nature's best in the most efficient, eco-friendly manner. Explore our shop and experience the IFT difference.

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Universal organic fertiliser & soil booster Made from 100% black soldier fly larvae & exos
Our Client Partners Say
“Working with with Insect Feed Technologies has revolutionised our pet food business. Their high-quality insect protein has given us an edge in the market and our customers have reported noticeably healthier, more productive chickens. IFT's commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer service is second to none in the industry."

Noel Tan, Founder of Clucking Good, Singapore

Latest News

Insect Feed emerges as the top 12 finalists in the UAE FoodTech Challenge

IFT has been acknowledged to be one of the latest food and agri-tech innovators to transform traditional practices and strengthen food security...

Jan 2023

Sean Tan, Founder & CEO of IFT, receives the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) award and the SOE-EVORICH Sustainability Award 2022

IFT has been recognised for going the extra mile in ensuring sustainability for the care of the community and the environment...

Dec 2022

Singapore-based IFT secures SGD$1.25m to continue rapid innovation

IFT has successfully demonstrated its product-market fit to investors through numerous awards, strategic partnerships, and its production capabilities...

Mar 2022

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