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Upcycling food waste into protein feed and plant fertiliser with black solder flies


A gateway to sustainability with insects

Here at Insect Feed Technologies, we aim to accelerate sustainable food production globally through insect farming.


As an advanced manufacturing and insect biotechnology company, we repurpose local food waste into sustainable, high-quality insect ingredients for animal feed, pet nutrition, and organic fertiliser.


Sustainable economic & environmental impacts driven by technology

Together with our proprietary technology, we collaborate with leading ecosystem players to stay ahead in R&D and product development.


Our industry know-how and technical capabilities makes us the largest insect breeding and protein producer in Singapore.

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Creating value for nature and animals sustainably

BetterFly X1 Frass Fertiliser

To nourish your plants, our organic fertiliser is suitable for all soil types. It enhances compost by improving soil structure, fertility and breaking down organic matter.

Inxec Feed Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Enriching for pets, poultry and aquaculture, our meal is high in natural antibiotics and nutrients. Its organic and hypoallergenic nature makes it ideal for sensitive animals and pets.

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Latest News

Insect Feed emerges as the top 12 finalists in the UAE FoodTech Challenge

IFT has been acknowledged to be one of the latest food and agri-tech innovators to transform traditional practices and strengthen food security...

Jan 2023

IFT receives the award for SOE-EVORICH Sustainability Award 2022

IFT has been recognised for going the extra mile in ensuring sustainability for the care of the commmunity and the environment...

Dec 2022

Singapore-based IFT secures SGD$1.25m to continue rapid innovation

IFT has successfully demonstrated its product market fit to investors through numerous awards, strategic partnerships and its production capabilities...

Mar 2022

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